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Get inside the news about International Trade

    Phone: +91 (0) 223-4247
    Santa Luiza. Varginha - MG. 37026-650
    +55 35 3606 0400
    Get inside the news about International Trade

      Intelligent Expansion

      Eficiência Comex

      The world asks to quick, safety and responsible movements. The Eficiência Comex ensures that all of this fits in quality solutions and without bureaucracy. Easy, fast and different, like the Market asks, with results that your company need.

      Be simple

      It´s understand what the client needs, to adapt the solutions to the necessity and resolve in a transparent way without mistakes.

      Be fast

      It´s use the time and the knowledge in our favor. It´s the joining of velocity and approach that bring us positive results.

      Be different

      It´s, even in a bureocratic segment, resolve challenges without being trapped to the obvious.

      A complete company needs to provide solutions in the most diverse segments. That´s why Eficiência Comex operates in a wide variety of markets, understanding and offering customized solutions.

      Agri Business



      Civil Construction



      Distribution and Retail



      Machinery and Equipement

      Healthcare Industry


      Dental Industry

      Injection Plastics




      The numbers prove our high-quality service and efficiency in the processes.


      When you think, it´s gone

      Eficiência Solutions

      Eficiência Comex has customized solutions that simplify internacional trade. What´s the key? Total commitment in aligning people and processes with velocity, economy and focus on results for the client.


      Full Time management – your goods are monitored from order oppening to final delivery. Every handling is accompanied with on-site inspect to ensure the integraty, wheight readings and other requirements until the custom clearance. In addition to inspection consultations, issuing documents, guidance and obtaining import license.

      Exchange Rate

      Trust is everything, that's why we provide safety guidelines, better payment terms, preparation and registration of R.O.F. (Financial Operation Registration), in addition to suggesting the best rates applied in the national market for payment and receipt of coins.

      Special Projects

      We customize our solutions according to your needs. From the transfer of factories and production units abroad to Brazil, import of used machines for investiment in goods or payment of foreign capital to elaboration of a detailed schedule for the import of equipment/machines.


      We do all international transport agency, load consolidation, door to door transportation – differentiated service from Eficiência Comex which carries out all monitoring and possible improvements in operation – and load storage abroad.

      Tax and Fiscal

      Our team makes temporary admission, tax classification and reclassifying drwaback, ICMS deferral and ex-tariff.

      Authorized Economic Operator

      If your import and export operation is very important to your business, make sure to the OAS - Authorized Economic Operator Program. With this certification, your company will have direct access to the intervening agencies, as well as several benefits in the release of its goods in face of non-certified competitors.

      Simplifying Foreign Trade

      To carry out the import process, it is necessary to deal with some processes and costs that, if not done correctly, can…

      It is common for several nearby countries to make agreements with each other to obtain mutual benefits. One of these contracts is the customs union, which…

      With the intensification of the automobile industries in the 50s and 60s, the Brazilian government started to invest in road construction…

      Are you looking for business efficiency?


      Now that you know the Eficiência way to work, talk to us! We have the perfect solutions for your business.

        Phone: +91 (0) 223-4247
        Santa Luiza. Varginha - MG. 37026-650
        +55 35 3606 0400
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